Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wiped Out...

OK - so I'm probably one of the worst bloggists in history. I know we're not giving readers enough to keep 'em coming back. But for those of you who still tune in from time to time. Here's the latest!

OK - so I (timmy) am WIPED OUT. Today I topped my all time cycling mileage in one ride record. My friends Ben and Ryan and I biked - are you ready for this - 107.50 miles today. 107.50 MILES!! Can you believe that. And yes - to answer your question - the tush is quite sore. It was an utterly exhausting experience. Sitting on your hard, bicycle road bike seat for 6+ hours is not a lazyboyesque experience. We hit a major wall around mile 80 or so. It really was like running a marathon - minus the impact pain. But the joy of knowing I probably burned enough calories to put me in the Michael Phelps category was quite gratifying. But I am tired!

So we are well! We returned from a wonderful vacation with Deb's family in Sunset Beach, NC about three weeks ago. It was refreshing and just awesome. What a blessing to be able to spend time with family in such a wonderful place! We were a bit sad upon our return but we're back to loving CA again. Two weeks later we went with two other couples to Sonoma County again for some wine tasting and cycling (where we did 70 miles in one day!) Debbie is busy. She has started grad school. She is doing an online degree and she is busy doing that and working still. I'm still slowly trying to make my go out here. I began a voiceover class and am very excited about it!!

So that's us really quick. I'll try and get another one up soon. Love you all!



From de Cafe said...

You must love cycling. But I think Ben was just trying to burn off the calories from the bakery the day before.

Or, he was dragging you along for some punishment. Be glad God blessed u with a nurse.

Next time you might want 2 suggest walking a nice dog instead!

Good luck with making it in the creative field - vetty difficult area.

Welcome to Southern Cal!

ben wideman said...

I'm proud of you Tim!

Tim and Deb said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I appreciate the encouragement! :)