Monday, November 19, 2007

All I Want for Christmas wheels please.

OK - SO (this is Timmy by the way) - I CLEARLY have forgotten how to ride a bike. Some of you may know that I have really gotten into road biking over the past three or so years ever since I bought a GREAT bike from my old Brit buddy - James Hubbard. This bike has treated me great over the past three years. Well TWICE - and I'll repeat that - TWICE I have fallen off this bike in the past TWO WEEKS!!! And I'm not talking, "oops, I forgot my feet were still clipped in when I got to the stop light - here i go." No - I'm talking wipe outs - like you have when body surfing or boggie boarding - only not a nice cushion of ocean water to keep you safe - but the hard, jaggedy, cruel pavement of the road. The first accident occured about three weeks ago. I was riding with a group of friends from Fuller and we were descending the final hill of our 24 mile ride when I got going to fast, hit a sharp curve, hit the breaks, back tire slid, and I hit the road with my left knee to break my fall. Luckily - there was nothing else that broke - except my bike. On top of losing quite a bit of skin from my knee and hand, i popped two tubes, destroyed one tire, bent both wheels, and had to replace the front wheel. It was not a happy time for me. Well - finally, after two weeks, everything was fixed (including my knee - thanks to my wonderful nurse wife), I had new biking shoes with clips, and was ready to go. So this past Friday, I got up early and went off to meet my friend Ben. Not TWO BLOCKS from my apartment, riding down a straight as an arrow street, my left foot came out of the clip, the bike swerved out of control, and what else was there to break my fall again - you guessed it - my left knee. Luckily - I managed to lose skin three OTHER parts of my knee that weren't injured before. With any luck, I can finish off any healthy skin next time I go out. So - I'm not sure what's happening to me - but I'm thinking that this Christmas, it might be wise to invest in some training wheels, knee pads, and inflatable arm wingys just in case I crash into water and forget how to SWIM too.

But besides my biking mishaps - things are going well. A week ago I turned 26!! Woohooo! Who knows what this year will hold. But I had a great birthday and so many of you made me feel special by either calling or sending me lovely facebook messages! Debbie and I were finally able to go out for my birthday on Saturday night to the Macaroni Grill - my favorite of chain restaurants. They simply have the best bread you can get ANYWHERE!!!

We're excited for Thanksgiving! We'll be spending it in San Diego with Deb's sister Patti. We're so glad we'll be able to be with family. We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and we want you to know that we couldn't possibly thank God MORE for all you wonderful souls that he has brought into our lives. Until next time - may the Lord bless and keep you. May he cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you - and give you peace FOREVER!

Timmy and Deb

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello dear readers! You may have already heard (most likely by me) that I've posted my first comedic short online (one of hopefully many to come)! It's a short film called 'the conversation' and it's about two good friends who learn the hard way that silent conversation in the back of class can lead to devastating, earthshattering, and even horrific misunderstandings. There are three places that you can go to see it - and if you wouldn't mind - it would be great if you went to all three. You only have to watch it on one - but the more hits I get on each - the better!! Here are the links: - BE SURE to vote on this one (voting it funny would be nice!)

If you don't feel like highlighting and pasting them, the links are in the tab to the right of our blog.

Also - feel free to check out my myspace page from time to time. I'll be keeping that updated and will be putting other stuff on there as well!

I hope you enjoy it! If you don't get it - that's fine. It could be one of those concepts that only Aaron (the other guy in the video) and I find funny - and we're ok with that! But TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! Since I don't have a manager - any help you can give me is GREAT!

Things are still going great for us out here! Deb and I got to meet Patti (Deb's sister) - who lives in San Diego - for dinner on Thursday night halfway between LA and San Diego! It was a great time!! It is such a blessing having family living nearbye.

We continue to work hard out here and we're loving it. Of course your thoughts and prayers are SOOO much appreciated! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

tim and deb

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A little taste of China

Last Sunday night, after our evening church service, we went out to eat with some fellow church-goers. We went to a Chinese restaurant, and our friends, who happen to be of Chinese decent, ordered for us in Chinese. We felt like we had entered into another country ~ the restaurant was in a mostly Asian community and hardly any of the store signs were in English. We were the only two white people in site... It was fun, though. And we had to eat with chopsticks! I quickly learned that the best way to eat with those things is to shovel the food in to your mouth from the bowl and gave up on trying to pick up the pieces of food. The food was pretty tastey too, much better than Panda Express. After dinner we went to get 'Boba' drinks. That was an experience in itself. It is essentially large tapioca balls floating in sweet, cold chai tea. You have a big straw to drink through, and as you drink the liquid chai tea, you also suck up these large tapioca balls. You essentially drink/chew this beverage. Yeah, not our favorite drinks in the world, but it was fun to try. You can go to this website to see what we're talking about. (

Tim auditioned for a goofy dance competition show (like Napoleon Dynamite style dancing) that will be on ABC next year. We are waiting to hear back from the judges. Keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, he is continuing to do some extra work. Next Monday, Nov. 12 Tim will hopefully make his debut on Heros. And then the following Sunday night, he may be on Desperate Housewives. Keep your eyes out for him, you may not see any better acting for a long time... :) I went through chemotherapy class last week and will start giving chemo to patients shortly. And, of course, I am enjoying my job at the hospital. So far so good on the scooter too. No one has beeped at me yet! The weather is still warm amd it's comical to see snowmen here for sale with the Christmas stuff. They don't get any snow here! How can they even know what a snowman is...?