Saturday, February 23, 2008

Way too long - forgive us!!

Hey You Wonderfuls!!
Please forgive me for not writing a blog for a month and a half. I know it must be really really tough to feel so disconnected from our lives - like being without milk, bread, or eggs during a snowstorm no doubt. We miss you all so much and hope you are super well! Let me quickly catch you up on things.

I'll start with Deb. Deb is still a nurse. She's now off orientation and she's doing amazingly. As you can imagine - there's always a degree of stress in nursing - but Debbie is doing so well and handling her work with skill and grace! Some MAJORLY EXCITING NEWS in Deb's life. Just two days ago - Deb mailed in her application in to California State University to pursue a masters in nursing with a concentration in nurse education. It appears to be a great program! She'll be able to go part time, work full time, and still finish in just two years. It will be through the internet - so she can hog our computer right from home ;) And it's an incredibly affordable program. There will be no need to take on loans! And what's even more exciting - we have good friends Ben and Meredith Wideman - well, Meredith is a nurse and she will be pursuing the same program at the same time. So Deb will have someone to work through it with. How exciting is this?!! It's truly a blessing!

Ok - so on the comedy/acting front. I've been able to get involved with some great projects so far this year. Last weekend I was in a shoot called West Guild Story (you can see it on youtube if you just type the title in the search bar). It's a parody on the writers strike that just ended. It was super fun. We spent a week rehearsing (dance and singing) and shot it on New York Street on CBS studios lot - the very same street where they filmed much of Seinfeld!! I have a supporting role - but was so thankful to be part of it and develop new friendships. Just two weeks ago - I shot my own workout video called "Timlates - A Workout Extravafunzga!!!" I still have yet to do much of the editing - so stay tuned. But it should be funny - and, of course, revolutionize the way the world works out!! I have a few standup gigs lined up - but nothing huge to speak of. Still deliberating over whether or not that's what I want to passionately pursue. We'll see.

As I type - Deb is actually in Pittsburgh. She and her sisters flew back to surprise her mother for her Birthday - and if you know Deb's mom then you'll know that is a wonderful gift indeed. She flies back tomorrow. It's been a wonderful visit. I am actually flying back east on Tuesday for a week. I'm being flone out to speak at a youth group retreat - to do comedy and then be the main speaker. I'm really excited do both. I love making people laugh and I love to talk about Jesus - so this should be a cool experience! Perhaps I'll see some of you while I'm home!

Well - that's the past month and a half - basically. Exciting no? Hope you are well. Please feel free to say HI!! Love you all!

Tim (and Deb)