Friday, March 14, 2008

The Latest...

Well hey there people! How's life? I hope all is quite well with you! We are doing well ourselves. Let me just say how much we love living in California right now. This week's weather has been absolutely fabulous (an adjective I don't typically use to describe anything). It's been consistently in the mid to upper 70's and nothing but sun - though, today is a little cooler and more overcast. Deb has 3 days in a row off this week - so we decided to take a day vacation down to Santa Monica. The nice thing about California is that you literally only have to drive a few miles and you feel like you're on vacation in a place that you'd have to fly to. It was a great day. We rode our brand new bikes (yes - we purchased new bikes!!) on a 22 mile ride up and down the coast on this awesome trail that runs from Malibu down past Hermosa Beach. Out butts were quite sore by the end - but it was awesome.

So yeah - we have new bikes. Deb was due to get one and I, yet again, crashed my bike and this time, totaled it beyond repair. We got a great deal at a beautiful shop nearby and have been enjoying them as much as we can (which is often out here). Enjoy the attached pics.

Deb and I both enjoyed trips back east (not at the same time sadly). Deb and her two sisters (Katie and Pat) flew home to surprise their mom for her birthday. Since it's been over a year since all three girls were at home at the same time - this was a HUGE surprise indeed. They enjoyed a nice, relaxing, snowy three days together eating food, sitting by the fire, and playing games! I was sad not to be there - but so happy for Mom!

I just returned last week from a week at home. I was flown out by Paeoli Presbyterian Church (near Philly) to be the speaker at their annual winter retreat up in the Poconos. Friday night, Feb 29th, I just did comedy. Then I actually preached twice on Saturday. I was a bit nervous about crossing over from goofy comedy to a serious talk about faith - but it actually went quite well. I was amazed at how comfortable I was talking about Jesus and faith and abundant life and all the wonderful stuff! I was also able to just enjoy a great visit with my family for a few days before and after the weekend. I got to meet my BEAUTIFUL new niece Lily! She is a blessing. Lucy is an absolute trip. She's singing and like most little kids - is utterly obsessed with Elmo.

Now I'm back and getting back into things out here. I'm currently editing my workout video - Timlates - and it should be out by the end of the month. Stay tuned! Deb is continuing to enjoy her nursing and is awaiting word from Cal. State to see if she's in for grad school! I don't have any doubts - who wouldn't want Debbie!!! Last weekend was outdoors weekend for us. Friday we went skiing with our friends Ben and Meredith, Saturday we took a 6 mile hike, and Sunday we took a nice bike ride!

So all is well. Please drop us a line and say Hi! Hope life is well for you!

Tim and Deb