Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gaining and Losing

Well - I gotta say I'm pretty proud of myself. While we haven't been posting every week - we're doing a bit better. So - definitely some updates!! (ok - let me just say I'm watching man vs. wild on discovery and I'm about to puke. He just ate a sheep heart. DISGUSTING!) So on the gaining side -yesterday - I had a meeting with a talent agent. The meeting went GREAT and now I've got myself a commercial and print agent!! What that means is she will be submitting my headshot and resumes (online) to casting directors of commercials. If the casting directors like my photo - they call me in for an audition. The goal is to be out on several auditions a week, which makes booking one much more likely. Also - eventually - once I've booked some things and join the screen actors guild, they'll very likely represent me theatrically and send me on auditions for tv and film!! So it's just a beginning - but a very encouraging beginning. They're a legit agent - unlike some of the other ones I spoke with that seemed kind shady. Woohooo!!

On the losing side - I am losing WEIGHT!! I (Tim) - had gained a bit of weight since my junior year of college and never really got back to my target weight (170). I got within ten pounds for our wedding - but then afterwords, of course, I gained 10 or so back. I started doing an online version of weight watchers - where you log what you eat online and keep track of your calories then log your weight each week. I started at 194 in August and I am down to 180!! Just 10 more pounds to go! It's just so rewarding and I feel much healthier!

Deb has also lost some things - work hours!! This is fantastic. She was feeling a little overwhelmed working 6 days a work cycle (two weeks) and doing grad school. So she talked to her boss and managed to lose a day AND she's now on a fixed schedule where she works EVERY monday and tuesday and then every other saturday. She won't take to massive a pay cut, will keep benefits, and be able to work overtime! It's so great and she is so excited.

So things are going well. Still loving California. About to love our apartment just a little more. After I post this - I'm running to a furniture store to buy a LEATHER CHAIR AND OTTOMAN!! We'll put some pictures on here when we get it!!

Please leave a comment and say hi. Hope you all are well!

timmy (and deb)

ps - I have some new standup online. Please visit my website -

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slow for Tim - CRAZY for Deb

Hey there readers (all 2 of you :) - by the way - does anyone else find it awkward trying to put a smiley face inside parentheses?

So - life in LA. Let me first say that I JUST released a new video. I made a mock McCain attack ad. I'm sorry - I know it may seem partisan - but I'm just so tired of the negative campaigning so, since I'm comedian, I did the thing that comes most naturally to me - find the comedy in it.

So things are slow for me. While I'm coming out with brilliant comedy online - there just hasn't been much work for me from the extra work OR from subbing. I did submit an application to a local private christian high school which is literally a mile down OUR road. So just waiting on that. "Waiting" - probably the one word that best describes my existence out here. Waiting to hear from agents, waiting to hear about auditions, waiting to hear about day work, waiting to hear about gigs. It can be a little frustrating - especially when you see successful comedians and actors who literally have to turn work DOWN because they're getting so many offers. But God is teaching me patience and how NOT to worry. It's all good!

Debbie, on the other hand, is a busy lady. When she's not working, she's doing grad school work - and when she's not doing grad school work, she's either sleeping or working. But she is learning balance. It's not easy - but to me she's doing it like a pro.

Still loving Cali. Things are starting to cool down a little bit - PERFECT for cycling. Hope you all are well!

timmy and deb