Saturday, April 26, 2008


We went up to visit our friend Bobby in Fresno this week. (We studied together with Bobby in England ~ jolly good) He took us up to Yosemite for the day. To get to the Yosemite valley ~ the center of the park ~ we had to drive a ways in beyond the gate. The road led through a tunnel and as we came out the other side, the view is amazing. It suddenly opens up and there is this beautiful green valley in front of us. There are waterfalls, huge rock formations and just a breathtaking view of Yosemite. Sort of the kind of view I picture in the movie "The Land Before Time." We kept waiting for a dinosaur head to pop up out of the trees... We decided to take a hike and ended up spending the afternoon hiking up to the top of Yosemite Falls. Wow ~ that was an incredible hike. Very hard, very steep but very rewarding. The view from up there was incredible, we could see all over the valley. It was neat to be at the top of the Falls and see all the water going down over the edge. And can I just say "ouch." We are all feeling the after effects of that hike and are babying our muscles now. Here are some pictures from our trip, but obviously pictures don't do it justice... OH - and if you're wondering just how high we hiked - take a look at the last picture of the falls from a distance and then look at how tiny the people are next to it (they're a good 200 yards in front of it too) - and then look up at where the falls begin - yep - we went that high!

We hung out with Bobby and he showed us around Fresno the next day and we bought some amazingly delicious fruit at some roadside stands. I have never tasted strawberries that taste this good before! And fresh oranges too. California is so good to us! :) It seems like it has just been one big vacation since we moved out here ~ getting to do all these fun things and see all these cool places, and, oh yeah, working every once in awhile... (not that we're complaining!!!) Anyway, we're off to get ready for our next adventure (camping in Sonoma next weekend) Hope all is well out there!!!

Baja Bike Ride

Last weekend we packed up Dot (our car), loaded up our bikes and headed down for Mexico! We rode down with our pals Ben and Meredith, spent the night along the border and crossed into Mexico in the morning. We joined about 7500 other bikers at the start line for the Baja Bike Ride. It was an awesome ride ~ 50 miles along the coast ~ starting in Rosarito and ending in Ensenada and traveling mainly along the ocean. A lot of families came out and watched along the bike route and cheered us on. And a bunch of little kids lined up and reached out their hands to get a high-5 as we biked past. They also yelled out "candy!" (one of the few English words they knew) as the bikers rode by - some of the bikers knew to bring candy and treats down to throw to the kids in the sidelines. It was great. At the end, they had a big finish line fiesta with all sorts of tacos, burritos, churros and yummy (authentic) Mexican food. We packed up and headed back home afterwards. We all slept pretty well that night... :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bikes and Workout Videos...

Hey Everyone!

It's Timmy. Deb would write this - but she's next to me sleeping. Something about having to go be a nurse tomorrow or something - i don't know. Well - it's been nearly a month - forgive us. Some new things - I just released a NEW VIDEO!! It's called 'Timlates: An Exercise ExtravaFUNza." It's a new workout that is sweeping the nation and changing lives! It's only 4 1/2 minutes long - and that's all you need to have your life changed. Trust me. It's just below. ENJOY!! And please - if this has impacted your life - don't keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends and family. Together...well, you know the rest.

As for what's going on out here - well - Debbie and I just keep falling more and more in love with California!! We've been biking a whole lot. Last Friday we went with our friends Ben and Meredith Wideman (faithful readers of our blog) to Santa Monica and biked 44 miles up and down the coast. it was amazing! Parts of us were sore - but it was a fantastic time. We're getting our money's worth out of those wonderful bikes!!

We have a lot to look forward to this spring. Next week I take my class, finally, to be a substitute. It's been a long road - but it's finally here. Next weekend - we're driving down to Baja, Mexico and riding in a 50 mile century race. It's really low key and will be a blast. In the beginning of May we're planning a trip up to wine country which we can't wait for and then - WE'RE GETTING VISITORS! My parents are planning to come out west for their - your ready for this - 35TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! So we're going to get to see them. And then the very next week, our dear friend Rachel Moury is coming out!! So like I said - much to look forward to. Deb is still waiting to hear from Cal State as to whether she's in for their nursing education grad program - but we're not worried. Deb rocks!!

We hope you all are well and blessed! We love you all!! Leave a comment and say hey!

Tim and Deb