Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Review

As fast as 2009 went - and I think it went faster than any year I can remember - it was truly an amazing year PACKED with amazing experiences that we will never forget. And since we failed to share these experiences with you on here as they happened - I (Timmy) thought I'd try to sum up the highlights with a few pictures as well.

I would say the first really exciting experience of 2009 came in March with our very first century bike ride (100 miles) in Solvang, CA. We spent the first two months of the year training for this. Since we moved to California (over two years ago already) - cycling has become a real passion for us. So to bike 100 miles at one time was really something.

April brought one of the highlights of my entire year in the booking of my very first commercial. It was a commercial for a new roller coaster at Universal Orlando called the Hollywood Rip Ride and Rocket. I played the part of rock 'n roller Syd Vinyl - a washed up 80's has-been who Orlando called up to promote the new ride. It really was an amazing experience and a huge encouragement for me that I #1 actually booked something and #2 - that it wasn't just an ordinary commercial - but an opportunity to put a lot of my comedy and other gifts to use! While that was the only onscreen commercial I booked last year, 2009 also brought a ton of direction for me as far as my voiceover pursuits go. I was able to book some smaller jobs and begin working with some agents. I have high hopes that 2010 will bring even more exciting year and bring more clarity and direction in the comedy/acting front.

May brought Debbie's sister Katie's wedding. It was so wonderful to fly home for a week and be part of such a wonderful celebration. Debbie was Katie's maid of honor and she did a great job being...honorable??

We had an amazing summer filled with bike riding, hiking and a trip to Cape Hatteras with my family. In August we took a hugely anticipated trip to the Grand Canyon - where we hiked down and camped on the Havasupai indian Reservation with our good friends the Widemans and Whites. There we hiked, played, relaxed, and swam in the amazing Havasupai river and it's waterfalls. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

The highlight of our Autumn came in October when we flew home for Messiah College's 100 year anniversary homecoming - where I performed a standup comedy set in front 800 people. I was well received (phewww) and it was so great, once again, to be home and see family.

And probably the highlight of 2009 - was our amazing and epic 3 week adventure through Australia in December (see earlier postings).

Debbie had a great year in nursing. She's still working hard on the Oncology unit at Huntington Hospital and she's already completed a year and a half of her online grad program at Cal State! Half way done! This year will bring more studying for her and next fall, she will begin the final leg of her degree with clinical rotations. It will be challenging - but she will continue to thrive!

2009 was a wonderful year indeed filled with wonderful experiences and deepening relationships. In fact - this blog would have become a blook if I had filled it with every highlight of this year. We truly look back with hearts running over with thanksgiving and we look forward to 2010 with anticipation and hope. There still remains many question marks and much uncertainty as far as where our path is going. But we continue to trust God through it all. We wish you all a Happy New year. And we'll do our best to keep you in the loop as we move forward!

Tim and Deb