Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Visitors!

We're back! I'm sure we've lost readers - what with the time lapse in our posts. But for those who still tune in...Hey!

June was a fantastic month - and HOT! There's a phenomenon out here called "June Gloom" where the whole city is pretty much covered in this gloomy, misty, cold fog. Then July comes and the sun comes out. Well - there was no June gloom this year - not one day. It was a HOT and sunny month - the average temp being somewhere in the 90's. But that's ok - we still love it. June didn't see as much travel for us. Deb got a great trip out to NY to camp with her college roomies - but besides that, we camped out here in Pasadena. I decided to earn a little more money and do more extra work. You may see me on the 3rd episode of Monk and perhaps an episode of "Chuck (NBC)" next season. I had my very FIRST (and only actually) day of subbing out here. It was for a French class and it went AWESOME! When the school years starts up again in the fall, I look forward to more subbing!

July brought some muchly anticipated visitors - my Aunt Judie and her dear friend Linda! Aunt Judie JUST retired and is enjoying a two week retirement trip to where else but one of the best places on earth - California! They got here on July 2nd and took off upstate just two days ago on the 7th. We had a BLAST with them. We showed them around - checking out Hollywood, Beverly Hills (yes - we actually walked down Rodeo Drive and even went IN the Hugo Boss store (great suits!!)), Santa Monica, Pasadena, Solvang, and Santa Barbara. We even managed to squeeze a screening of Wall-e in there (great Pixar pic)! It was so nice to host them and show them our new home!! And of course - we ate a lot of good food! I think the highlight of their visit was enjoying a pre- 4th of July celebration at the famous Hollywood Bowl. The LA philharmonic performed a tribute to the Dodgers 50th year in LA. Randy Neuman was there as well as some other famous names (all of which we didn't know except Tommy Lasorta) in baseball. The music was wonderful, we ate a wonderful picnic, and of course, enjoyed some incredible fireworks at the end!

July is looking to be busy. I'll be extraing for 10 days on a Tom Hanks movie due out next year called "Angels and Demons." If you haven't read the book - read it. It's by Dan Brown, but less controversial than DaVinci Code. Then we head home at the end of the month for vacation in the outer banks with my fam! Can't wait! So that's us. Hope you all are well. MIss and love you all very much!

Timmy (and Deb)