Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sonoma and San Fran

So the fun continues in California (sorry to make you all jealous). We took another mini vacation, a mincation if you will, last weekend with our awesome friends Ben and Meredith. We left on Thursday (5/1) for beautiful Sonoma County in Northern California. If you've not heard of it, it's the neighboring county to famous Napa county - the counties known for their production of wonderful wines. It's just an hour north of maybe my favorite city, other than Pasadena, in America - San Francisco. We got to our campsite - yeah, we camped - around 4 on Thursday and kinda just chilled. Friday was our high culture day of wine tasting. We rented some bikes and biked to three different vineyards. It was super fun. The wine was quite tasty and Deb survived the day tasting wine without having to add ANY sprite!! haha

On Saturday, we got up early and left for a day in San Francisco. We played tourist all day - visiting the park where they filmed the opening sequence for "Full House", we went to the hippy district, and then parked at Fisherman's Wharf. We had a nice lunch there and then got some amazing ice cream at Ghiradelli Square. And of course - we rode the trolly. We took it downtown, walked around, got some Chinese food in Chinatown, and then it was nighttime and time to head back to the campsite. We could see ourselves doing well in San Francisco - especially since there are so many scooters everywhere. It was a great day. Sunday, we packed up and it was back south to LA. It was an awesome trip and we hope to return in the fall when the grapes are ripe!

So - what's next? We're looking forward to Mom and Dad Morgan's visit this week. They land in San Fran on Tuesday and we'll meet up with them on Thursday. It will be so great to show them around our new home. When they leave, our dear friend Rachel Moury will be coming into town. Tons to look forward to. As always - we hope you are well!

Tim (and Deb)