Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's Catch Up!

Well hey there readers (if we have any left) - please forgive the amount of time that has lapsed since our last post. Yes we know - we are lazy california bums - what can we say? I'm going to try and briefly catch you up on our last month and a half since you heard about our AMAZING trip to San Fran (a trip we plan to repeat I might add). So shortly after we returned from the bay area - my WONDERFUL parents came out to visit us. They spent a few days enjoying the bay area as well and then we met them in Santa Ynez valley (if you ever saw the movie "Sideways" then you know how amazing it is). Then we showed them around Pasadena and sadly had to say goodbye. But we really had a wonderful time with them. It's so fun to show people from back home our lives out here. Even though we have nothing to do with how awesome Pasadena is - we somehow take pride and credit for it when we show it off.

It would have been much more sad to see them leave if we didn't have the joy of knowing our dear friend Rachel Moury was coming to visit just two days later. On Wednesday, May 21 she flew into town. We immediately went down to San Diego and enjoyed a day and a half there seeing a Padres game and going to Sea World! We also showed our home off to Rachel, went to Santa Monica and just had a brilliant time together. Rae Rae left a week later and there was much sadness. But it was just so wonderful to see her. It was as if it had only been a week since we'd last seen her. Friendships like that are just so wonderful!

Well - two days after Rae left - we were gone again. Our good friends Chris and Rachel Hall were given a time share by their parents for free and they cashed it in at a lodge in Big Bear Lake (in the Sierra's about two hours east). They invited us to join them - so we spent 5 days just chillin with them up there. We did some hiking, played some games, drank some Arbor Mist (Deb's new favorite alcoholic beverage - a nice mix of wine and Sprite haha) - and just had fun with them!

And now we're back in LA! Deb is getting ready for Grad School in a little over two months. She and Meredith (our good friend who is doing the exact same program) just registered and ordered their books! Exciting! I have been just doing some extra work to earn a little money for the summer. I do have some news in terms of what direction I'm planning to go. I've decided to invest time and money into going into voice over work. This is a field that I feel gifted in and there happens to be a lot of work in it too. If you're not sure what that mean - voice over work covers anything from tv/radio ads and commercials, training videos - to cartoons and movies. It's a great field that I can do it from anywhere. So I'll be taking a class this year and putting a good demo together and hopefully can then get an agent and get some work!! I'm also moving ahead in comedy. I'd like to put a website together this summer and a decent demo and hopefully get some management. Still a very unknown and crazy future ahead - but we continue to trust God through it all!!

But life is grand out here. Deb leaves this week for NY where she'll be camping with some good college friends. When she gets back - we'll be graced by a visit from my wonderful aunt Judie! Can't wait. Please say Hi. We miss you all and hope you are all well!

much love,
Timmy and Deb

ps - it's flippin HOT out here. It was 105 yesterday and today it's 100.