Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Year!

Welcome to 2009 readers :) So far 2009 is going pretty great! Hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing and enriching Holiday time. I'm usually kinda bummed when it's all over - but this year I'm actually doing great. We had a great time for New Years. Deb's family came out and joined us for year #2 at the rose parade. YEP - we acted homeless again and slept on the street waiting for the big event. It was a blast! And now I have some high hopes for things to come in '09.

First - I'm still pretty excited about this voiceover stuff. My commercial demo is now completed and ready! To go. If you're interested in hearing it - click here! I'm now working on my animation demo - and once that is done - I'll be shopping it to some agents and see where we can go with it all!

I have some interesting ideas for comedy this year in terms of viral type videos to make. I also hope to get more opportunities to perform out here. I go back and forth with my passion for standup - but I still want to do it and see what kind of things come my way.

Debbie is EXCITED for her second semester of grad school. She had a GREAT first semester getting A's in BOTH classes - 4.0 baby! This semester will be a bit more challenging, specifically with her Pathophysiology class (you should see the size of the flippin book) - but she is up for it!

But we'll keep you posted as we move ahead! Happy New Year to you all. I hope this is a blessed year for you all indeed!