Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And we've made it to Perth!

After a 3 hour flight to Sydney, camping out in Sydney's International Airport last night (because the domestic terminal closes...), getting up at 4am to catch a taxi back to the Domestic Airport, and hopping on yet another plane for 4 more hours - we are finally here on the west side of Australia in Perth under the wonderful hospitality of Bree and Lisa Dudek. In case you are wondering who Bree and Lisa are, Tim and I met them in the United Kingdom on a 3-day tour of Scotland and have kept in touch ever since.

After our long 16 hours of travel, Bree was our knight in shining armor as he rescued us from the utter exhaustion of travel. He showed us around Perth, which felt like we were home in LA because the air is smokey from the bush fires. We enjoyed some more delicious Aussie breakfast, saw some BEAUTIFUL beaches, and then went to the Marapana wildlife world to see some Australian wildlife. Here, at this off-the-beaten-path zoo, we got to see dingo's, Tim got to drape a python around his neck, we got to feed (tame) kangaroos, ostriches, goats, deer, sheep, etc., and Deb got to fulfill her dream of holding a real-live koala! It was actually quite heavy, but surprisingly softer than imagined, and smelled of fresh eucalyptus.

We ended the day with a refreshing, much needed shower and then headed out to spot some wild kangaroos with Bree, Lisa and their 14-month-old daughter Abbie. Kangaroos are quite the pest and supposedly out number humans here. They knock down fences, eat plants, and cause car accidents. Sound familiar Pennsylvania...? Anyway, they were still neat to see them hopping and carrying a joey in their pouch. Bree and Lisa even made us feel more at home by frying up some food and cooking macaroni and cheese for dinner. Yum!

Tomorrow we're off to water-ski in the morning and to a genuine Australian BBQ tomorrow night. :)

P.S. ~ I (Deb) passed my final and am officially on winter break from school! Yippee!!


Mom Schultz said...

The kangeroos and koalas are so adorable. I can't wait to see all of your pictures.

I'm sure it feels great to be on break from school :)

Take lots of pictures of those great beaches. Do they remind you of Sunset Beach?

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Finally pythons! I mean koalas! He looked cuddly :)

Katie said...

Tim - what happened to your ankle??

Debbie said...

I want a Koala for Christmas, tell Adam. The Koala does not seem to care for Tim's jokes.

Thanks guys for taking the time to blog. I LOVE the photos!

Merry Christmas!

Sean said...

That is a cute Koala. How did it taste?

Tim and Deb said...

Mom ~ the beaches are quite different than Sunset Beach, and I'd have to say are more beautiful...

Tim hit his ankle on some coral and it was an angry red color, so we went to the local pharmacy and they recommended putting this betadine based antiseptic on it to fight the infection. That's the lovely yellow you see on his ankle; the red has gone away and he seems to be healing up!

Sean ~ we did not eat any koalas (yet...) ;)